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.Friday, March 20, 2009 ' 2:52 AM Y
ah!!!! exams are coming in about a weeks time!!!! ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaz gotta get my studying going... its been really stressful for the pass 2 weeks as we were given a swarm full of bloody assignments... it was like OMG! most of us didn't even sleep... we practically stayed up the whole night and morning? to finish everything off... now tht everything is done, we have to burn lots of midnight oil to study for our exams... hahahaz i rmb during the first few weeks here we were like so kuai and all doin our homework over at the dining hall.. hhahahz and we'd help each other out with our assignments and subjects we didn't understand about.. hahahaz tht's why i love our currie hall family! hahahaz we're always there for each other no matter what... hahaaz when we're having our ups and downs moment, we're still there for each other... hahaz just like one big happy family! =D

studying at the dining hall



messy table

lolz the duets ( Sean n Joseph)

lallala group study~~~






ibrahim and i

relaxing time after studying

lights out! ^^

Have A Nice Day! =P

.Saturday, February 28, 2009 ' 10:51 PM Y
laalallalalala!!! omg!!! hahahaz had tonnes of fun last night! a group of us stayed over at jill's room and we talked and laughed for ages!!! we played some kind of king game and did many hilarious stuff... hahahaz and took like over hundreds of pics in shu yen's room?? hehehez yea... i'm sooo sleepy now... everybody din sleep till like about 5 am!!! hahahz but i slept half way through all the fun though... hahahaz can u imagine sleeping in a tiny room with 8 ppl?? hahahz i felt like i was squashed like in a can of sardines!!! hahahaz but yea... overall it was great! uh.... now i have to get back to my homework!!!! =( lolz but yea... enjoy the pics sam!!! hahahaz btw, i miss u Samantha Aw Pei Sing!!!! lolz and i miss u too Anastasia Desiree Lim Kim Pin?? hahahaz sorry if spelt wrongly... lolz Miss Qiqi too!!! ohya sam if u're reading this can u pls send me her number?? i kinda lost her contact number... =( ahahahz ohya and i miss Leticia Tan!


crazy cheryn . messy michelle . graceful grace .





supposedly stoned? lolz retard!


candy models!




aw... so sad.. ='(

sulky? lolz

love this pic!


sean alien!

peace ^^

group hug!





poutty lips!


big babies!!!

top: keith . rudy . grace
bottom: jill . cheryn

grace. cheryn. rudy!

Have A Nice Day! =P

.Tuesday, February 17, 2009 ' 6:36 AM Y
this post is specially dedicated to samantha aw pei sing! hahahaz since she's been trying to make me update my blog so many times! hahahaz so here it goes... lalalala

lolz it was alyssa's birthday last week! hahahaz we had tonnes of fun on a school night! hahahaz i think we slept at about 2.30 am! hahahaz but thank goodness we had first two free periods!!! anyways, we had like a lil surprise for miss Kiki (alyssa) hahahaz yea.. Sherene and Nadia went to town to buy "stuff" and bought an ice cream cake! hahahz the cake was literally made of ice cream! no spongey layer or anything.. hahahaz but yea... here are some pics we took! hahaz there are some more! hahahz which are to be downloaded soon coz i don't have them right now... hehehez

Have A Nice Day! =P

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